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Shop Updates

Busy season is rocking here at Flying Tiger Body Modification so we figured we would make a quick post to keep you up to date.


First you should check out the all new Flying Tiger Store. You can buy shirts and artwork there, including plenty of prints from Mitch and Carlos. Keep checking back as we will keep the store updated with new items as we can. We have also added new pages on this page for our artists with portfolios and artwork. You can check those out using the menu above. Just click the name of the person you want to check out.


We have been rapidly expanding our jewelry collection with new stuff for all your holes, whether it is a pair of stone plugs or a new nose ring to spice things up for the spring.


Also new is our Tumblr Photoblog. If you have a Tumblr account be sure to follow us for the day to day work that doesn’t always make it to the portfolios.


Thanks again for all your business and come say hello soon. Maybe pick up a new tattoo or two to get ready for swimsuit season.


These are now available for purchase.

Prints are $10.00 with $5.00 shipping anywhere in the US.

Just click the picture to get yours today!