Custom Tattooing and Quality Piercing Auburn Alabama


8g Earlobe

Flying Tiger stocks the best jewelry for your piercing needs in the area. This lady is sporting some light blue glass plugs 8g. Her earlobes were pierced when she was young, and she wanted to stretch them. Since they were a little crooked after getting the “gun” treatment, we just started her out at an 8. Come in and see what we have for you!

Wear Your Scars

Opals, Surface Anchors, Nostrils and Philtrums…

Here at Flying Tiger we LOVE opals in our jewelry. They don’t get dingy like a cheap glass crystal, and come in many awesome colors…Swing through and see them for yourself!¬†

Here it is…

Welcome to Flying Tiger Body Modification. We are a custom tattooing and body piercing shop in Auburn Al, now with a website! Exciting huh? We thought so.

So who are we? And why should you trust us to stick you with needles?

Flying Tiger was started in September of 2010 by Mitch and Aaron. Mitch is a tattoo artist from the Auburn area with 7 years experience. Aaron is from ¬†Mars and has 4 years piercing experience. Aaron has also attended the Fakir Musafar Body Piercing Intensives (basic and advanced courses) and regularly attends classes put on by the Association of Professional Piercers at their annual conference in Las Vegas. Carlos works at the shop preparing for a career in tattooing and provides the comic relief. We are a custom shop, and provide the highest quality body piercing in the area. We are devoted to providing you with a body art experience like none other…after all, this stuff lasts forever. Swing by and check us out. In the mean time, here are some pictures for you!